Through My Lens, A Black Girl's Magic | Beverly Art Walk | 07.Oct.2017

 the ballerina garden | © preston lewis thomas

the ballerina garden | © preston lewis thomas

Photographs from my series "Through My Lens, A Black Girl's Magic" will be exhibited at the Beverly Art Walk, 07.October.2017 - 12 noon to 7pm. 

Black Girl Magic or A Black Girl’s Magic, I believe I prefer the latter version.

I first encountered this phrase a few years ago. Language tossed about by a younger generation that occasionally stuck in my head. The new colloquial speak. I came across it again in an excerpt from a book written in 1999 by Author, Joan Morgan in which she writes “urging me to recapture the feminine and discover the fierceness of a Black Girl’s Magic…

Suffice it to say, I love this language. I think of my Mother and then, my Wife - both the epitome of A Black Girl’s Magic. I think of my Daughter, infused with their strength. I think of the 33% of a Black male population, locked away in the Prison Industrial Complex and the Mothers forced to play both sides of that coin. And I think of Harriet and Angela and Ella and Maya and Billie and Michelle, and of Nancy Wilson who sings “Wide my world, narrow my bed...” because she knows things.

The young Black girls in these photographs stand at the threshold of a life informed by "The Discipline of Dance", as one instructor is known to say. And they are fearless, having already embraced the magic.


The gallery space for this work will be located at
Beverly Barre, 9909 S Walden Pkwy, Chicago, IL
Hope to see you there!