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Donna, Class of '61

Donna, Class of '61 | © Preston Lewis thomas

This is Donna, sitting in front of her brand new computer.

She found out that her alma mater, John Adams High School, had a website that would allow her to get in touch with her former classmates. That sounded like great fun, so off to the store she went, and now she owns it.

Donna has never really used a computer.

She takes a seat at the table directly across from me. She removes everything from her bag: laptop, power adapter, mouse, mouse pad, and quick start manual and places it all right in front of her. Donna takes one look at my laptop, her eyes light up and she says “Oh! You have a Sony, and I have a Sony. Do you think you could teach me how to use mine?”

I had work to finish, but I couldn’t say no. So for the next hour I did my best to help Donna reconnect to the John Adams High School Class of ’61. After a seriously abridged explanation of computers, internet and WiFi, and a couple of failed log in attempts, we were in!

From the John Adams website, the Beatles tune “When I’m Sixty-Four” began to play.
Donna says, “I always liked that song. I think it’s their best…”

I never liked that song, but, I kept that to myself.