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God Must Be a Boogie Man

God Must Be a Boogie Man | © Preston Lewis thomas

This man homeless and nearly buried inside of his jacket has found slumber in perhaps one of the few places that gave him comfort. The entrance to a church. It is fairly early on a cold and dreary morning, and it occurs to me that he's probably spent the night in this very spot.

His circumstance exists parallel to the words carved in stone, God Is Love. This seems ironic and cruel. And in my head -  Joni Mitchell's beautiful, haunting lyrics about the great and troubled Charles Mingus:

He is three
One’s in the middle so unmoved
To show what he sees
To the other two
To the one attacking so afraid
And the one that keeps trying to love and trust
And getting himself betrayed
In the plan, oh…
The divine plan
God must be a Boogie Man… ”
–Joni Mitchell | God Must Be a Boogie Man