Havana, Cuba... Rojo, Verde, Azul.

“The seventh floor flat we rented had an easterly view, perhaps a bit south of east. Each morning, the sun slowly snaked around the buildings and through the streets of this old city, bringing shadow and light. An appropriate paradox.

Our flat was in Central Havana, a simple neighborhood populated by local folks and scant few tourists. This was just fine. On the street, quiet mornings quickly gave way to the daily “get down” of life in La Habana. School kids, taxis, fruit mongers, construction workers, and shops filled with craftsmen that will repair any and everything, while you get a haircut…”
Morning Light, 314 Aguila Street

Pigment Prints on Archival Rag Paper
Front Signed and Numbered
Print Edition of 10

The Young Boxer, No.3 | Ed. 2/10

A Stairway in La Habana | Ed. 3/10


The Cowboy, La Habana | Ed. 1/10

A Postcard from Dreamland | Ed. 3/10

A View from the Balcony | Ed. 2/10

Los JÓvenes | ed. 1/10


The Beautiful Decay | Ed. 1/10

Life Along The Malecón | Ed. 2/10

Por Favor Deja La Puerta Libre | Ed. 1/10

The Juxtaposition of School Girls | Ed. 3/10

Abuela with Orange and Green | 2/10


Man At Work | Ed. 1/10

Street Life in La Habana | Ed. 2/10

The Girl in the Doorway | Ed. 1/10

La catedral silenciosa | Ed. 1/10

Passing Souls | Ed. 3/10

Dia del Lavado | Ed. 2/10

Morning Light, 314 Aguila Street | Ed. 1/10



Dreamland Taxi Service | Ed. 2/10