Where I find myself from time to time.

Three Figures on the Focal Plane | © Preston Lewis Thomas

flight and reflection | © preston lewis thomas

Birds on the roof of my Mother's house
No stones to chase them away
Birds on the roof of my Mother's house
Will be on my own roof someday
Fly at the window, they fly at the door
Where does she get the strength to fight them anymore?
Counts all her children as a shield against the pain
Lifts her eyes to the sky, like a flower to the rain...
-Lazarus Heart
Gordon Sumner (Sting)

parts unknown, no.2 | © preston lewis thomas

an INVITATION to the journey, No.3 | © preston lewis thomas

convergence in monochrome |  preston lewis thomas

rural ohio, no.1 | © preston lewis thomas

rural ohio, no.2 | © preston lewis thomas


From Here | © Preston Lewis Thomas

Prisoners of Our Own Device | © Preston Lewis thomas

Elegy in Monochrome | © Preston Lewis thomas

Crossing East Jackson Boulevard | © Preston Lewis Thomas