Surface + Texture

I remain intoxicaticated... addicted to this shore. The lake breathes both vast and seemingly endless, chasing a sheltering and enigmatic sky. The horizon is an illusion, a sexy and elusive distraction, like the pursuit of so many tomorrows.

And so here (and there) I stand, camera at the ready, ever one eye open and making lens paintings of Surface and Texture.


in solitude frozen
purpose unyielding
witness flight
imagine set adrift
enough for today...

The Sheltering Sky

The Last Outpost

Painted Tempest In Monochrome

Winter Lake and Sky

Juxtaposition and Movement in Monochrome

A Momentary Rift In The Space Time Continuum

A Kind of Blue Morning

Sage Horizon

At the Water's Edge They Were All The Same

Siren Song

Flight Noir