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The Great Lovers of La Habana

The Great Lovers of La Habana | © Preston Lewis Thomas

There was a visceral tone to this second trip to Havana. Aside from the fact that practically everyone there thought I was Cubano, the people were extremely welcoming, and openly interested in who the hell we were.

The Sister in this photograph called out to me and pointed to her home. She opened the door which gave way, as so many of the structures do, to multiple thresholds, open rooftops, peeling paint, lavish colors, and strange stairwells that only Escher could appreciate. She pointed to my camera, beckoning me to make a photograph of all she was showing me - in a very Vanna White fashion.

I was totally captivated, not by her home, but by her. I loved how forward and fearless and open she was to total strangers. Maybe not strangers at all.

I asked instead for her photograph and this made her laugh. Just at that moment, Lovin' Man, her husband I assumed, walked up carrying a couple of bags. Perhaps just returning from shopping. We all just stared at each other for a minute, and then he slowly embraced her and planted a couple of kisses.

Such were our days…